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Working Yourself Into Illness?

You fly high and push hard. You’ve spent your life taking care of your career, children, partner,  parents or your friends but you’ve failed to take care of yourself.  Finding balance in your life looks impossible. Without it though, you pay the price with your health.  All too often the high achievers, big performers hit burn out and ‘crash’. They collapse emotionally or physically and illness hovers on their horizon.

How do I know this to be true?

For over 20 years I’ve worked with high flying, powerful leaders.  Their stress levels are through the roof; they don’t sleep; they’ve put on weight and they don’t feel well. Their doctor tells them there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s all in their head.  They miss out on the top job and they struggle to balance all the demands on their time. 

If this is you, you are here to make a difference. 

  • You’re a leader with a vision and a mission. All too often though, your commitment comes at a cost.  
  • Your relationships suffer and often fall apart when ‘life’ becomes too much and too difficult
  • Your career is contained within a safe boundary of what you can give in time and energy
  • Your health suffers because there’s no time to exercise and no time for ‘proper’ healthy food

You live in a state of worry and stress:

  • “I have to achieve more”
  • “I can manage”
  • “I’ll take care of myself later”
  • “I can’t be seen as weak or vulnerable”
  • “I must be seen as perfect”
  • “It’s better to play safe than risk failing”

The Body Mind Connection 

Many people believe that there are two kinds of stress. Good stress and bad stress.  Some people think that stress makes you creative.  Others are of the opinion that it’s all in the mind and if you pull yourself together, you’ll get over it. 

The truth is very different.  In his book “When The Body Says No”, Dr. Gabor Mate says that stress is a major factor in chronic illness and for women (Please click the link) this may be especially relevant.  

Unfortunately, most of us have become so accustomed to living with stress that the word no longer means anything. 

When I ask clients about their stress, I hear that they ‘don’t have much’, or I hear that ‘it’s normal’, or ‘it’s fine’ ……. In fact, for many people who work in the financial world of stock markets, banking et al, it’s seen as a badge of honour to survive on 3-4 hours of sleep.   And that’s the problem!   Surviving is the opposite of thriving. 

Survival means your nervous system suffers. Your moods and behaviour changes. Your physical body develops symptoms such as insomnia, IBS, migraines, back pain, constipation and many more. 

How Do I work?

I work by referral or invitation which means I don’t work with everyone who calls me. 

We find out first whether working together would be a good fit – it has to feel right for you and it has to feel right for me.  I need the chemistry to feel at least 8/10! 

My phone number is 020 8542 7907 or drop me an email  –   [email protected]  –  and let’s see what unfolds.


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