I’m the Founder of The Bourne Practice Consultancy, a private health and coaching practice in London

For 20 years I’ve been responsible for finding effective solutions for serious health challenges; I’ve advised on fitness and weight loss programmes and helped senior executives and high performing leaders to reclaim their energy and health after burn out and crashing.

During this time I’ve witnessed how our inability to recognise the physical and emotional effects of stress can result in major health problems, especially for CEO’s and senior executives who are too busy looking after their careers and their businesses to look after themselves.  Eventually they pay the price with their health.

The impact of stress on our lives is profound. I work with corporate clients to change the work environment from stress-full to stress-free through Conversational Intelligence™.  Developed by Judith Glaser (Author and Organisational Anthropologist), it’s based on the latest insights from neuroscience that give a powerful framework to create deep, effective conversations that build greater trust and integrity, increase empathy and enhance good judgements and decisions.   The outcome is to co-create mutual motivation and success, a necessity for any company aspiring to be fit and resilient in today’s world of constant change.


And here’s a bit about my background that enables me to tailor the work I do to the person I work with:

I’m Master Coach certified and an Enhanced Practitioner of Conversational Intelligence™.

I’m very results driven and believe that everyone needs their own programme, tailored to their needs, for whatever it is they want help on. Which is why, as well as coaching, I’m a Clinical Kinesiologist, Nutritional Therapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), Cranio Sacral Therapist, Homotoxicologist and a few other things.