C-IQ and Business Coaching  

It’s a sad fact that many people find their job highly stressful and it doesn’t make any difference if you’re the CEO, a PA or the cleaner.  No one is immune to stress but unfortunately you probably don’t talk about it because it might jeopardise your job and your career.

The result of living with a daily diet of stress at work is that you lack trust, you feel disconnected and undervalued and you’re probably wondering what has to change to make things better.

Working with this daily dose of stress promotes high levels of Cortisol which in the long term can lead to serious health problems and short term shuts down your brain and your best thinking. Cortisol is your emergency fight/flight/freeze response and it’s hard to achieve goals if you have the emergency brake on all the time.

At the root of most problems where people work together, is the way they communicate with each other.  This means peer to peer, MD to employee, senior management to their teams or secretary to boss.  Communication is the common denominator that pulls people together or drives them apart. It’s not a lot different from your personal relationships which also fail if there is poor communication.

The result of poor communication is distrust, disconnection and a lack of transparency that can reach deep into an organisation, undermining its values, vision and even its mission. 

Transforming  an organisation from stress-full to stress-free and creating a culture of trust and connection, is the art and science of Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), the lifetime work of Judith E. Glaser. C-IQ  is based on neuroscience and the biochemical changes that take place with every conversation we have.

Imagine the possibilities when you can activate high level conversations that increase trust, integrity, empathy and simultaneously strengthen your relationships and success.  The power of these types of conversations is the power that fuels a company from top to bottom to co create higher performance and winning outcomes.

When you bring C-IQ conversational strategies into your business, the changes are almost tangible.  Staff are happier because they now work in an atmosphere of trust and transparency and as a result feel a sense of connection and purpose.  

To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of the relationships, which depends on the quality of the conversations. Everything happens through conversations!”    Judith E. Glaser

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